The best April fools' Day pranks are powered by Zoobe

Ever wanted to prank someone? Then Zoobe is a great way to give your mates a fright that ends with a laugh! Check out our April Fool's videos in both the English and German versions of the app. You can find these videos in our Youtube channel, but also in the Zoobe app: just go to Videos, then Inspiration and you can send them as link or file directly from your favourite mobile application!

Here are our favourites:

Pranking someone about their internet history is a great way to make them clear and delete their browser history more often!

Is your brother or sister ever annoying? Everyone’s sibling is! Send them this video as a cheeky joke.

Have you ever felt disgusted by a friend’s idea of cleanliness? Send them this message as a prank and a gentle tip to CLEAN!

Merkel is joining in the April Fools' craze as well… and OMG, what a rude message!

Wondering who's the mind behind these crazy cool pranks? Well, they were written by Tiernan Douieb - a stand-up comedian, writer, procrastinator and professional beard wearer. He performs comedy all over the UK and the world and spends far too much time on Twitter. You can find him there @tiernandouieb, on Facebook and at his own website full of brilliant stuff!

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