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Now bad karma 2 available in Zoobe

Rowohlt Publishing presents in cooperation with Zoobe the digital version of "Bad Karma 2" by David Safier, now available for free in the Zoobe app! For all the fans of the best seller "Bad Karma" is possible now to get their favourite ant in their smartphones: in seconds anyone can download Zoobe for free, find the cute ant in the New section of the Zoobe Shop, get it for free and start creating amazing video messages for friends and enemies alike. But careful: in each video there's a new misfortune happening to the little ant!

In very few days the original German version of "Bad Karma 2" will hit the bookstores: you can buy the book from 30th of October on! But in case German is too challenging for you, just take a look at what you can do with the Zoobe version of your favourite book.

YOur favourite ant now in Zoobe

Bad Karma 2 on the Internet

Ich hab mein erstes Exemplar bekommen! Das neue Buch in der Hand zu halten, lässt das Herz immer stark klopfen. Am 30.10 ist es im Handel

Posted by David Safier on Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lousy Karma: Double TrouBle

Part-time actress daisy Becker likes a drink, smokes like a chimney and isn’t above stealing from her flatmates. Despite being in her mid-twenties, she still has no idea what she wants to do with her life. And she has even less of an idea what the word “love” means. She won’t find out in this life, either; a deadly car accident involving her and arrogant hollywood star Marc Barton cuts both their (human) lives short. When Daisy and Marc are reborn as ants, Buddha explains to them that they built up too much lousy karma in their lives. The two ex-humans have limited enthusiasm for their new existences as soldier ants going to war and are desperate to prevent Daisy’s best friend – for whom Daisy suddenly realises she has feelings – and Marc’s wife getting together. All they can do now is try to collect enough good karma to climb up the reincarnation ladder past the levels goldfish, stork and snail to make it back as humans! But it’s not that easy, and it gets far more difficult when the two fall in love …


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