10 birthday present ideas for Libra (based on the traits)

Have you ever had problems when it comes to choosing a birthday present? Well, you are not the only one. You can always buy a box of chocolates, a necklace or flowers but that’s neither original nor thoughtful. You need the perfect combination of creative, quick, unique and personal.

A Zoobe message would be exactly the answer that you are looking for: you can use Pinky the presentSmurfette or Maya the Bee. They all have the happy birthday option that will make you look like you got that especially for them. Good thing that you have Zoobe installed in your phone, right? ;)

In case you want even more suggestions or want to combine the Zoobe happy birthday message with an extra gift, continue reading what kind of presents would Libra be thrilled to get.   

1. Smurfette’s wish  

2. Surprise trip

Libras find it difficult to say ‘NO’ to anyone. Maybe they should read our How to say no article. :) But for you that’s good news: they cannot refuse that surprise trip you’ve been planning!

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3. Romantic dinner

Their planet is Venus and that makes them extremely romantic people. Take advantage of this trait and WOW them.

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4. Pinky - the present

5. Luxury products

Libras are a bit vain. Even if they don’t want to admit it, they are appearance-oriented people and start by analyzing themselves.

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6. Interesting and limited edition books

Libras are often pretty bright. They like a good book, documentaries and meaningful conversations. Prove them you acknowledge this side. They are self-centered so you can go for a book where they can find themselves, in a way or another. You’ll make them feel really special.

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7. Perfect phone case

You know she loves her phone. Get her a custom-made phone cover that will match with those awesome clothes she’ll be getting.

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8. Breakfast in bed

Libra is also self-indulgent. Have you paid attention to the bullets above? Because they have a strong desire for material things, you can forget the actual food for breakfast and try this idea:

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9. What I love about you jar

She might be a bit superficial, but this DIY present will make her heart melt. Think of all the things you love about her and put them in a cute jar.

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10. Sweet as honey message

Want to make her feel really special? Add a Zoobe message just like this one:

Want to make her feel really special? Add a Zoobe message just like this one: