10 reasons to love mobile messaging apps

Technology is evolving so fast; it’s becoming more and more intuitive and companies are trying to satisfy many of our need and expectations. The same pattern applies to mobile messaging apps too. Every year new and innovative apps rise from everywhere and the ones that are already established on the market come with new features, with the purpose of bringing something “wow” on the table. Either you want to send a text message, a photo, video, sticker, PDF file or a meme, there’s a mobile messaging app that can provide this feature.  

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Viber are just a few of the names you probably know by heart. Skype may have been the first to open this market, but the potential was too big not to be exploited.

Social networks were the ones that saw the opportunity of allowing people to talk to many friends at the same time. With time, they started reorienting to the more personalized messages; they wanted to share thoughts only with part of the usual audience. So mobile messaging apps started rising.  

There’s a debate that mobile messaging apps may be the next social networks. And probably are. Teenagers are already more into keeping things away from their parents and acquaintances, thus switching to the more unique features of mobile instant messaging.

You can see it that way or you can just enjoy the benefits of all of them; separately or combined, by sending your mobile messaging content on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

With figures such as 50 billion mobile instant messages sent daily in 2014, most certainly people love mobile messaging apps. So we came down to this list of reasons we love them. And we are eager to find out what are yours.


1.     Private conversations
You always have the choice to make your messages and creation public, but if you want privacy, mobile messaging apps can surely provide it. Some of them took it to the next level: SnapChat erases your messages (or Snaps) in only 10 seconds. 

2.     Emoticons, stickers & avatars
It’s more than words and it’s more than pictures. Those cute emoticons and stickers can take your place and transpose your face or feelings – you could say it’s a mini you. Especially if it’s a 3D avatars that can talk. You can see this within the Zoobe app. New and diverse characters appear every month in the Zoobe Shop, so you can choose the exact “you”. It can either look like you (check out Dina, Kiara and Maria) or it simply shows the mood you have at the moment of creating the message. Maybe you are angry, sad, in love or happier than ever.


3.    Personalized and direct messages
When you share your thoughts on social media, you do it for all your friends and interact with the community, but when it comes to mobile messaging apps, your message is personalized and made especially for that person; the way she or he likes it and adapted to your particular relationship with that person - the loved one, your friend, colleague or parent.

4.    Your pocket partner - with you all the time
Think of the last time you left your phone (on purpose). Did it ever happen? We think the probability to have answered “never” is pretty big. That means that if you have an Internet connection, and most probably you do, there’s no moment during a day that you cannot use the mobile messaging apps you love.  You can send an instant message anytime.


5.     No advertising
Some ads might be cute or funny, but let’s face it. When you want to communicate with someone or try to read something, the last thing you need is advertisement stopping you from finishing your thing. That’s one of the reasons it’s so refreshing to use mobile messaging apps instead of social networks or reading news on a website.  

6.    Free
Yes, we do love freebies. That’s why they say best things in life are free. Everybody wants them and some (if not most) of the mobile messaging apps are free of charge. This is Zoobe’s case too. Sure, there might be some in-app purchase options, but you are free to use the apps without buying anything. It’s all your choice.  

7.     Fast
In a world where time is becoming more and more priceless, communicating fast is a must. Sending an instant message is… well, instant. Even our Zoobe videos are really fast. Though they look elaborated and complex, that’s the beauty – it takes you less than 2 minutes to choose a character, set a mood, upload a photo (if you want), record your voice, save the video and share it with the one you made it for. Sounds almost impossible, but it’s that quick. You can try it now and see that for yourself.

8.     Don’t need to choose – you can have all of them
Though there is an abundance of mobile messaging apps, you don’t need to choose. Try them and stick to the ones that fit your personality, your needs and respond to your desires. Some of them even work together. For example, you can send a Zoobe message on Viber, WhatsApp, Line, Path or directly on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, We heart it or Linkedin.


9.    Unlimited chats, videos and messages
Not only that it’s free, but it’s as much as you want. If you feel like sending 10.000 messages per day, no one will stop you. Ah, the freedom of choice. :D

10. Fun
Let’s admit it: besides the fact that the mobile messaging apps respond to our needs, they are FUN! If they weren’t we could’ve still used the SMS. But with all the awesome features, it’s hard to resist them. And why should you…

If you want to know more about mobile messaging apps, then you need to check out the Zoobe presentation for Startup Safary Berlin


We are glad that Zoobe has all these 10 characteristics and many more. Your voice is there and the lips are moving just like yours thanks to a patented voice recognition technology. Also, even though the character can be the same on all your videos (if you reaaaally love one of them), the mood changes according yours - you just need to choose it from the preset ones. We want to enable you to express your personality and emotions with avatars in the digital world.

Now that we told you why we love mobile messaging apps, we can’t wait to hear from you: what are your reasons? Leave us a comment with your answer or just let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, We heart it or Linkedin