11 perfect occasions to send Zoobe messages

Zoobe messages are all over the social networks and we already saw what you like talking about with the characters you love. But what do you say when you create a private video? Maybe you don’t send 3 Zoobe messages per day because you want to make them even more special for the ones who receive them, so let’s see which are the perfect situations you don’t want to miss and send personalized messages.

The surprise of a new Zoobe message is always there: the one who gets the video never knows what character you’ll use, what mood, what picture and most importantly, what you’ll say. It’s a lot more than just texting “hi” or “I love you”. It takes more time and involves more passion. But what’s great about the messages is that even though the final video looks like it took you a great deal of time, you’ll have that ready in less than 2 minutes. Thus, it keeps the appearance that you really put in a lot of effort. And that effort is not for everyone or for every moment of the day – it is magic and special.

We’ve put together a list of occasions you should have in mind for creating Zoobe messages and we made it really easy for you to use: for each one you’ll see examples and tips on what characters fit perfectly.    

1. Happy birthday messages
Since you celebrate your birthday only once a year, this is definitely a situation where you want to feel loved, appreciated and cherished. So does everyone else. And when some people fail to prove that to their friends and family, you should be the one to amaze and give some lovin’ back. The Om Nom Birthday pack, Pinky the Present, Pao or Romantic Pets are perfect for this occasion.


2. When you are in love – I love you messages
It might not be a special occasion, but most certainly it is a special feeling that needs to be shown and proven. Love will give you a creativity boost, so you shouldn’t have any problems picking out the right character or the sweet message. You can use any of the characters your boyfriend or girlfriend likes, but you won’t go wrong with Bunny Love Jump, Romantic Pets, Paddington, Om Nom in Love, PaoSexy Lips, I love You pack or Pinky the Present with the “I love you” background. Do that anytime you feel like expressing your feelings, not only on Valentine’s Day.

You’ll find a special feature in the Fancy Frames pack where you can add a picture of yourselves in an animated frame – the nowadays version of a framed photo. 


3. Good morning & good night messages
A lovely thought in the morning can go a long way and make someone’s day beautiful. They start the day with a good wish, so they might have the best attitude to transform it into an awesome day. Don’t you want that for a person you care about? After all, you can even get a bit selfish – you can be the person he or she wakes up in mind with and last person she or he thinks about before going to bed.

Use A Day with Tyranny pack (Good morning & Good Night backgrounds), Maya the Bee and Willy, Eve, Kiara or Maria.  


4. Holiday greetings & invitations (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, New Year etc)
These ones are kind of a “must”. Either you like sending greetings or not, on Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and New Year, it is expected to send themed messages or cards. Since you have to do it, why not make your mission much easier? Create a message with one of the appropriate characters, send it to the whole list of people and you’ll have a lot of pleasantly impressed people within a couple of minutes.  

For Easter use the Easter bunny, Easter workshop or Flirty Easter and for Thanksgiving you can use the Thanksgiving Pets. Halloween has not been forgotten from our characters list, so you can use the specially designed Enchanted Eve.

When Christmas comes, there are so many options to choose from: Paddington, Christmas Eve and Adam, Cut the Rope Christmas, Christmas Foamies, Rudolph, Fancy Frames, Santa Mouth and many other characters that will come. :) 

And for New Year’s Eve, don’t miss the funny Tipsy Pets and New Year’s Eve Pets.


5. When you are angry
You might want to scream at a person who did something wrong, but take a deep breath, count to 5 and just record a message. The person who made you so mad will feel sorry and will definitely appreciate your message. So the outcome might be even better. You can use Lisfer, Buffa, Mummy, Blanka from Street Fighter or the angry mood of Eve, Adam, Bear, Tyranni, Bunny, Schnitzel and Buddy. You can also try the “NO! Buddy” pack where you can refuse someone in a funny way. If you choose Blanka, you should know that he is actually designed for the angry mood – you just upload a picture of what made you mad and Blanka starts yelling at your photo. It’s pretty funny. Take a look below!     


6. When you are so far away from the person you love – I miss you messages Some of you wrote and told us that Zoobe app helps their relationship when they are thousands of miles apart. Our hearts melted when we found out and we totally love being there for you. So use lovely, romantic and adorable messages when you are far away from the person you love. Try Thoughtful Tyranni pack with Thinking of you background, Om Nom in Love, Bunny Love Jump, Sexy Lips, I love you pack, Pinky the Present (I love you option), Romantic Pets, Bunny, Night Kitten or Masks of Grey.  


7. The new holiday postcards & invitations
Postcards used to be so popular. Whenever someone was in holiday, the ones back home had to receive a post card. Nowadays, maybe only the hipsters and the elders still send them… maybe. :) In an era where smartphones are so common, we should all take the next leap and send great 3D postcards. Use Tourist Schnitzel, Island Greetings or Pets on Holiday, take a picture of the place you are at that moment, upload it as a background and record a 30 seconds message. Now, that’s a modern postcard. You can also use these characters to send an invitation for holiday. Just like this one:


8. Invite people out
You get invitations all the time and you probably refuse some of them because of lack of time. Learn from your declines and create invitations no one could say “no” to. Either you are inviting your friends out, at the gym, at a party or on a trip around the world an irresistible Zoobe message may do the trick. Choose the right character based on your situation: use the Dancing Bunny or Basset to invite your friends to go clubbing, Masks of Grey for a romantic date or Gala Glamour for a special event.


9. Thank you
Many of us forget to say Thank youremember that a few words can go a long way. Take a couple of minutes to create a grateful message and make the person who helped you feel appreciated. Use any of the packs that you find suitable or directly the Thoughtful Tyranni with the specially designed Thank You background.

10. Good luck messages
Sometimes, we all need some good luck and a small message from someone you love or respect can mean a great deal and change your mood into the right direction. Do the same for someone else. Use the Left Shark or the pet that you consider to bring luck – maybe it’s a bunny, bear or pig. Try them!  


11. Out of Office messages
These days, whenever you leave the office for your annual holiday, you simply must create an Out of Office email. Otherwise, you won’t get to relax and enjoy your time off because your phone will keep ringing and your emails won’t stop filling your inbox. And since your colleagues or clients might not like that fact that you are not there to reply to their needs, you could make them smile with a lovely message. Just write a short text and add the Zoobe link of your message, which is automatically created once you have created your message. Use Pets on Holiday, Island Greetings and Tourist Schnitzel; these are specially created for holiday season, or choose the character you like best.  

Now, that this information seems useful? Use sure hope so. We know there are so many other situations you can use the Zoobe app, but we noticed that these ones are the most popular. If you have another idea, let use know in the comments. We would love to hear your opinion. :)