12 signs you are addicted to your phone

These are the times when all your friends have a smartphone and even if you are thousands of miles apart, you manage to talk/text/chat/message them (or whatever app you are using) almost daily.

You got your appointments in your phone, all your friends are with you, all your memories from last holiday or yesterday's party follow you everywhere and the apps you love are just a flip away.

So, doesn’t this mean you are kind of addicted to your phone? Well, we thought of 12 signs which will make you aware of this habit. If you recognise yourself in these gifs, you can sign for PAA (Phone Addiction Anonymous)  :) 

1. When you are looking for you phone without actually getting out of the bed  

2. First thing you do when you wake up is talk to your phone  - Good morning, sunshine!

3. When a friend asks you to keep a secret 

4. When your friends are 2 minutes late 

5. When your battery is low and you are already late for a meeting 

6. No internet connection when you want to download an app 

7. When your phone didn’t ring for a whole half of hour

8. When he said 3:30 and it’s 3:31

9. When somebody tells you to stop playing that game on your phone 

10. You find yourself making love declarations to your phone

11. Your phone broke and you have to buy another one 

12. When you need to answer the simplest basic knowledge question