5 creative out of office messages

Ready for your holidays? Of course you are. Bags are almost done, you already know where you’ll be spending your awesome vacation and whom you will be sending those wish you were here messages to.

You probably left your work aside and finished all your chores. Hopefully. But aren’t you forgetting something? Just because you are on holiday doesn’t mean that everybody is. So make sure nobody will bug you with work related things to ruin your holiday mood.

But those people can become a bit frustrated if nobody is taking care of their accounts. So let a colleague responsible while you’re gone and let everyone know you won’t be available. But let’s be honest, some will forget (or will want to forget) you are out so you need to remind them.

Still, be nice and break the news in a cute way. No matter if they are CEOs or Manager Assistants, everybody loves a cute message that makes them smile. So, let’s see how the perfect Out of Office message should look like:

1.     Tell them when you will be back at the office

2.     Mention contact person who’s taking care of work while you are out

3.     An emergency number

4.     A funny or cute message – a picture, a GIF or, best choice, a video

And here we’re experts. Choose one of the followings and you’re good to go.


1. "I’m looking for my desk" excuse

2. The corporate approach

Source: We Heart It

3. The “beachy” out of office message

Source: We Heart It

4. The tropical envy idea

Source: raluca tarcea


5. “I’m so much better now” message

These were just some ideas that you can actually use this second by copying our Youtube links in your email. You can also make your own out of office message using our new characters: Island Greetings with Adam & Eve. We launched this new pack so you can send new and awesome messages to the ones around that will make you appreciated for your innovative thoughts. Shh… this is our secret. Use Adam and Eve in each of the 4 holiday moods and amaze people.