A Zoobe Community update: like notifications and profiles

A new update for Zoobe is now live for all users on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store: we've improved the Zoobe community features to make it possible for you to receive notifications when someone likes your Zoobes and also to tap on a username and see the full profile of another user.

This means you will see a new tab in your profile called "Notifications". Under it, a list will displayed with all other registered users in Zoobe that found your videos awesome and gave them a like. You will also receive push notifications as soon as your likes pile up!

On top, we improved the Popular list so now you can tap on the creator's username of a specific Zoobe. You'll be able to see his or her profile, published videos, likes received and watch all their videos to give away more likes to his or her creativity.

What do you think about these changes? Leave us your comments below!