The new Zoobe app for Android is out!

As promised, a week after the release of the new Zoobe app on iOS, here's the update for Zoobe Pets on Android! Curious about the new characters and features of the new Zoobe app? Check here the full overview.

Famous characters: The Smurfs and Street Fighter Ryu

Took us long, but here they are! Smurfette, Grouchy and soon Papa Smurf together with Ryu from Street Fighter arrived to Zoobe. Surprise everyone with amazing videos starring your favourite characters, only on Zoobe! Stay sweet or kick some butt, your choice. Also there's a Christmas special edition of The Smurfs that surely will melt everyone's hearts this holidays.

Eve and Adam join the new Zoobe App

As Android users, you might have seen Eve and Adam around but never in your phone. They are moving now to all Android devices for your sassy messages! Find now together Eve, Adam, Bunny, Buddy, Kitty and Schnitzel, all of them with special new outfits and animated backgrounds. And of course, the Zoobe app got a new look so you can create your videos much easier, plus find us faster if you need help or want to give us some feedback.

Wanna get Eve and Adam? Just update the Zoobe Pets app and get the brand new Zoobe.

The new Zoobe Shop with your Christmas characters

In the brand new Zoobe shop you will find a whole set of free and premium packages. For the holidays, the free package Christmas Foamies is waiting for you, and also the Christmas Smurfs as in app purchase package. Each package comes with different characters, outfits, animations and animated background with sounds. The Zoobe characters you already know and love are available at no cost for now. We added a couple of extra cute outfits as premium packages and stay tuned, because the most amazing characters on Earth will join the Zoobe Shop very soon!

Save your Zoobe videos in your gallery

From now on you will be able to save your videos in your Android device. After being created, your videos can be shared and viewed online using the link for 14 days or by sending the video itself using any app you have installed in your Android. That can be e-mail, messaging apps, other social networks.. you name it! You will have as well the option to keep them inside the Zoobe app or store them in your gallery.

Now that you know what awaits you, grab your phone, update Zoobe Pets on the Google Play Store and enjoy with the brand new Zoobe app for Android. If you run into any trouble, check this article in our Help Desk or send us an e-mail!

Happy Zoobing!

PS. We want to send a special thanks to Nirave, Daniil, Bernard, Jesus and Oliver for their comments and support being part of the Zoobe Testers group for Android. Thank you guys, you rock!