Best holiday characters for your summer messages

Once the summer months appear in the calendar, everybody is thinking about holidays. Relaxing on the beach, discovering new places and forgetting about daily problems suddenly become a reality and we can’t stop thinking about that week  of heaven. Zoobe couldn’t miss the opportunity to give you some awesome tools that will make your holiday experience even more awesome.

All of the packs we will talk about are free and already in the Zoobe Shop, so you just need to download them and create holiday Zoobe videos. But not just yet. Let’s see what you can do with all of them and how you can use the summer packs at their best. 

1. Pets on holiday
These days you can hardly escape the abundance of holiday photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Everybody wants to show off with their pictures of the amazing places they are visiting. Thus, the battle for likes is getting bigger and bigger, even with close friends. But if you create a video with a lovely character, that will be noticed for sure. 

Use Kitty, Bunny or Buddy and express your mood. Bunny is into parties and dancing, Buddy loves water and scuba diving and Kitty is in her best mood when she’s sunbathing or indulging in a cocktail. Which of the Holiday Pets sounds just like you? Use that one(s) and send your "wish you were here" messages


2. Tourist Schnitzel
Schnitzel loves to travel and find new and exciting places. He usually likes to have a friend or the loved one by his side, but if no one is available, he has no problem taking the trip by himself.

You can use Tourist Schnitzel to send sweet invitations to the ones you want to have next to you while traveling or you can send “Wish you were here” messages to the ones who couldn’t join.

Use the preset backgrounds or if you want to show your friends what they’ve lost by not coming with you, upload your own picture. Make it look more professional using a photo editing app and then upload it in the Zoobe app, so you can create the perfect 3D holiday card.  


3. Island Greetings
Eve and Adam really made it this time. In the Island Greetings pack they are on the beach, away from everyone, enjoying the silence. Adam took it even further, but we’ll keep that as a surprise. Check him out

This pack can also be used to invite your sweetheart on a romantic getaway, but also, as the name says, to send holiday greetings. You’ll make a few people jealous, but it’s on them. You’ll just have an amazing time. You can also send them “Wish you were here” messages, but… would you really want them to be with you? Maybe it’s time to relax and just be with the loved one. 

However, with friends it’s easy – they will find out you are on holiday from your social media profiles where you’ll have the holiday Zoobe videos and pictures, but what about your work colleagues and clients? They won’t like the fact that you are not in the office, so you can sweeten the news with a lovely out of office message.


4. Left Shark
And if you are not afraid of sharks, you probably love Left Shark. Though he’s not the main attraction of an island, he loves to party all night long. So, grab him, create a short video and invite all your friends over for a Saturday party or for an adventurous trip. 


Don’t forget that you can directly share your videos on any social network you use and show everyone what a good time you are having on your holiday. We’d love to see your videos too, so share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest or leave us a comment and tell us about your holiday. We can’t wait to hear from you!