Best photo editing apps for Zoobe messages (and not only)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And if it’s true, that picture has to look great so it can capture what you are trying to say. But since not everyone is a good photograph, there are a lot of apps you can test to improve your pictures. Also, let’s see how you can use those apps for creating the best Zoobe messages.

One of Instagram’s popular features is the easy way to add beautiful filters. The best part is that you can actually use those photos for a further purpose. However, when you want to edit photos without posting them on Instagram, for example, you need special editing apps.

As you already saw, Zoobe has the option to upload your own picture. We have already shared some tips on how to take better photos with your smartphone and also where you can find best free stock pictures for your Zoobe messages. But if you want to take it to the next level, you should play with your own original photos, edit them the way you want and then just use the images to create amazing Zoobe message.

Let’s see what are the photo editing apps that you should consider to have on your phone. 

1. Photoshop Touch for phone
Given the success Photoshop achieved, it was only natural that a phone version should come. Since we are talking about a mobile app, you won’t have all the features the desktop version provides, but you’ll be able to play with some basic functions like layers or color correction and add filters. Exactly what you need to edit your photo really quickly so you can upload it in your Zoobe message.

2. VSCO Cam
If you love filters, you’ll be happy to know that VSCO has a great palette of filters you can apply on your images. The app is free, some filters are also free, but if you want more and more, you might need to pay some extra money for the ones your eye desires.

Some of its features include contrast, exposure, temperature, straighten, fade, saturation, crop, rotate, adjust brightness, and many more.  Fortunately, VSCO has versions for both iPhone and Android, so you can enjoy it whatever your device may be.


3. Lab
If you are more into playing with frames, backgrounds and effects, you should try Lab. Though it is not the most specialized photo-editing tool for photo lovers, it is a great app for playing with your pics and creating new artwork.

With more than 570 effects, Lab has one of the vastest collections of stylish and funny photo effects.

However, the free version applies a watermark to the photo that you might want to get rid of. And you can do that but it takes a while, since you have to do it manually photo by photo and you are being asked if you’d like to purchase the full version. Which is not a bad idea if you love the app. Try the free version and if it fits you, grab the paid one, without watermarks and advertisements.

When you’ll use the edited picture for a Zoobe message, you can add your own frame from the photo app, or you can choose the 3D Animated Frames pack and add the one that fits your message.

4. Photo Editor by Aviary
Here’s another tool you might really enjoy. You can add text, drawings, and filters but also use those basic features like rotate, crop etc. If you are looking for dramatic filters, like Instagram or Lab provides, this is not exactly the app you need. It is mostly for people who want to have a good looking picture. Thus, Photo Editor by Aviary provides tools for removing the red-eye effect, improves color balance and adjusts brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation. In case you love memes, with Photo Editor by Aviary you can create them.

It is available for both Android and iOS and it provides 12 effects for free, but if you'd like to add more, you can. This might be the perfect match for creating your Zoobe backgrounds. A perfect picture placed under a cute character while creating an awesome personalized 3D animated message. 


5. Snapseed
Tune your image with instant fixes, use ambience to adjust the colors and fine-tune brightness, saturation and contrast. Snapseed can do a lot for you images.  If you aren’t satisfied with your picture, you can make precise selections and enhancements to specific areas, remove dust from the image without leaving any traces or use vignette and adjust brightness around the major subject of the image.

When you are done fixing the picture, you can choose one of Snapseed’s collection of frames. Lens Blur, Glamour Glow, Drama, Grainy film or Vintage are just a few of them. Snapseed is also free.  

6. Pixlr Express
If you’ve used Pixlr-O-Matic, you’ll adore Pixlr Express. It has lots of effects to choose from and you can also add an overlay or border to your image.

Some of the features for beautifying your picture include crop and rotate, adjusting brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation, fixing redeye, removing blemishes and whitening teeth.

You can also use one-tap auto enhance, effects, frames and stickers. Although, for a clean and lovely Zoobe message, it would be better not to add stickers so you can have your picture and the lovely 3D character as the main attraction.    

The app is free and available for Android and iOS. 

7. Adobe Photoshop Express
Yes, it’s Photoshop again, but this time is a free version, easy to use, perfect when you are on the go and it contains similar editing tools as the apps mentioned above.


8. Canva

To edit your photos from anywhere Canva perfect for editing your photos easily and quickly. As it is a web-based photo manipulation tool you can use it on any computer you have got access to without even downloading a program!

And of course this photo editor is free to use. Go on and check out the variety of tools, filtres and other great functions!

Now that you saw what these apps could do, pick the one or ones that fit your needs and desires best, edit the photo, upload it in the Zoobe app and create a wonderful message. Do you have Zoobe messages with edited photos as background? Share the links with us in the comments or on FacebookTwitterInstagramGoogle+ and Pinterest