Christmas - the time to send love and joy

Christmas is not about a bunch of presents, nor about eating all you can. Christmas is a time when you want to be surrounded by all your dear ones, to share beautiful moments with friends and family and let all your worries fly out of the window.  There’s no wonder you guys create so many Zoobe messages during holidays. Because you know it too, you love to see those happy faces of the ones you love.

This is the time to be better people and to give love, say lovely words and share warm hugs. It’s the perfect time to create traditions or relive the old ones. It’s the moment you pick a Christmas tree and decorate it. Just like this:


We know presents are not that important when you have the loved ones next to the fireplace, but if you really love to give presents more than to receive them, it’s certain that you’ll confront the shopping crowd and you’ll go buy something they’ll love. Does this look like you?


See? There’s always an occasion to make the loved ones smile. Whether you will be next to you family for the Christmas dinner or you’ll be thousands of miles away, the warm messages will make them merry. And what can be better than to make the ones you love feel good?

You can send them a 3D animated message to invite them over for dinner, to let them know you can’t wait to see them and that you are on your way or to give them your best even if you will not be able to join them. Or maybe, to help you with the Xmas dinner, if you are like Paddington. :) 

All in all, send some joy and happiness with the Zoobe messages, just like we showed you.  And if you still need some ideas, check out the Christmas Day article and pick the best messages for you.