Easter messages for your friends and family

It’s Easter time and everybody seems to be waiting for the family reunion, the egg hunts and, most importantly, spending time with the loved ones. It’s one of those holidays when once again we are reminded of the importance of having the close ones around us. On this occasion, Zoobe is here to help you get closer to the people who won’t be able to make it to the Easter dinner and create amazing invitations for the people you will see on Easter Sunday.

This time each year people have colorful eggs on their table (that they previously dyed) or organize egg hunts as an entertainment activity for kids and not only.

Do you know where this tradition comes from? Easter eggs used to symbolize the rebirth of the earth in pre-Christian celebrations of spring. Later on, the red eggs became an Easter symbol of the resurrection of Jesus, as a reminder that Jesus rose from the grave. Others may say that red eggs represent the blood of Christ that stained the eggs at his crucifixion.

Though there are different opinions, the oldest traditions say that chicken eggs will be dyed and painted. However, nowadays the custom is to substitute them with chocolate or plastic eggs, even filled with confectionery.

These eggs can simply be eaten at the family gathering, but a lot of people organize Easter egg hunts as a festive activity, where eggs are hidden outdoors for children to find. This can also be made as a contest where the child who collects the most eggs is declared winner. Moreover, since the 17th century, the common idea is that the Easter Bunny brings eggs and, in some cultures, even small presents.

Zoobe loves Easter eggs, Easter bunny and helping you send cute Easter messages and invitations. Actually, here are 10 reasons we indeed love this holiday. Thus, we made all these available for you with our amazing characters. The Easter eggs, Easter Bunny and many more can be found in the Zoobe app too, so you can choose the perfect combination of message, character and image for your Easter video. 

Moreover, all of them are FREE. So wait no more and get them now! You have 4 different options that will help you create a unique Easter message. Check them out below and choose the one(s) that works best for you.   

1. Easter Bunny
You probably already know our cute painter bunny that loves to dye eggs and give them to the nice kids. The outdoor background helps you send invitations for the Easter Sunday or just a cute “wish you were here” message.

2. Easter Eve – Flirty Easter
Some of you will spend the holiday with your girlfriend or boyfriend and maybe you want to send a really special invitation. Use the sexy Eve and amaze your boyfriend. 


3. Easter Adam - Flirty Easter
The ladies aren’t being forgotten either and they will get the chance to receive a funny yet sexy message from their men. So, gentlemen, this is the perfect opportunity to surprise your sweetheart. Simple and easy! You can find both Easter Eve and Easter Adam in the Flirty Easter pack.


4. Easter Bunny  - Easter workshop
This bunny is brand-new and sooo cute. It’s the Easter Bunny who works in his workshop and makes sure all the eggs are ready on time. Use this cute character to send invitations and updates to your family and friends.

Some of the Zoobe lovers already used our characters and we love their videos. Check them out! 


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Now that you have so many options and examples, it’s your turn. If you want to make your video known with the rest of the world too (not only with your close ones) and get appreciation, send us the link in the comments, on or social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube) or just add the hashtag #Zoobe and we’ll find it, like it and share it. :)