Meet Florian: Zoobe IT & Codemotion winner

Time to meet Florian, Zoobe's IT wizard and winner of the Codemotion Hackathon 2013 in Berlin! Florian joined the Zoobe team 2 months ago and since then he has been busy keeping us happy with Internet, computers set up and all geeky tricks. After a stint into Communications and Electrotechnic studies, he decided to get a taste of the startup world before changing to Computer Science. He seems to be liking the Zoobe ways so far and that's why we were so happy to discover about his after hours activities. Could you guess?

Well, seems like Florian loves to spend his free time discovering the world on a motorbike and also working with his friends in cool projects and hackathons. When he discovered about the Codemotion weekend 3 weeks ago, he joined together with Erik, his partner in crime. They presented a greenhouse system connected to the Internet to mantain your plants healthy and beautiful when you are not around. The whole idea is closely related to the Internet of Things trend, which will be very soon part of everyone's daily life. 

Thanks to the support of the open source community and specially the hardware and softwared provided by OpenPicus & Arduino, the project was very successful among the Codemotion crowd, so they ended up winning the hackathon! Ain't that cool? You can see them here proudly holding their prize for being young, awesome and focused. They look quite tired, but surely it was worth the sleepless hours. We are very glad to have you on board, Florian!