Zoobe at The Europas!

The Europas stage

What a night we had last night at The Europas Awards! It was a great surprise for the Zoobe team to be shortlisted in the Best Cultural startup category, so in the first place we want to thank everyone who had something to do with it. It is an honor to be nominated along with 9 other great startups, even more knowing that there were 1,000 submissions overall in this edition. So yay us & you for supporting us!

Monica and Mike at The Europas

We attended the award ceremony full of hopes and after saying hi to Mike Butcher, host of the night, we went straight to the bar hurried to get us some good seats.

But oh, Postbahnhof might be big, but the house was heavily packed with the best of the startups in Europe! So we just sat where we could and waited for the best. 

The Europas awards

And... the winner was Lyst, closely followed by Soundrop! A big bummer for us, but we were lucky to catch them in the after party and we must admit we liked them ;) So congratulations, guys! You can find the list with all the winners here.

At that point we needed some drinks and we found us something called Blonde Bombshell, which kids, totally upgraded the night! We did our research today and we found out there was a reason for all bartenders rocking their blonde wigs. Great stuff!

Blonde Bombshells by Blonde 2.0 at The Europas

All in all we had a so much fun and met a long list of entrepreneurs from around Europe, such as MentionTwagoRoomsurfer, SocialBro and DingDong. So we surely will keep up the good work in order to make it next year as well!

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