Zoobe at Social Media Week Berlin 2013

UPDATED: now the slides for the events are included!

We love mobile and this year's Social Media Week Berlin is showing the love to mobile startups too! Taking place from 23rd to 27th September, Social Media Week is already one of the highlights of the annual events in the city. And on top, it is free to attend all events and watch them live from anywhere you are. 

That's why we are more than happy to present 3 events we hope all social media and mobile lovers will enjoy:

  • Community Managers to die for is a panel to discuss with a group of Community Managers about the challenges of building a service from scratch that wows users and how to make the love flow. The event will focus on what does it take to be a great CM and to go deeper in the experiences at work of the exceptional CMs on stage. For this panel, we are teaming up with EyeEm, MotorTalk, StartupBootcamp, Twago and Uber, all them amazing projects you should check out. 

Community Managers to die for - Social Media Week Berlin 2013



  • Mobile Messaging Apps: the new social networks? is a workshop to explore the impact of mobile messaging apps in our lives, how are they evolving into very powerful services and where are they heading to. Attending this event will give you insights on the latest trends within mobile communication and how Zoobe fits into that picture. We've already given some hints before in this blog about this topic, but the messaging apps landscape changes really fast: you don't wanna miss the latests details!

  • SoMoGlo Apps is the confirmation we at Zoobe are apps junkies! We try every single app we come across with and in this panel we will talk with some apps that stole our hearts. All of them are based on Social, Mobile and not just local but Global reach. Spreaker, Vamos, HERE, Likemind and of course Zoobe want to connect you with the world from your pocket instantly and socially. Join this event to meet the most ambitious founders in Berlin who think big, even from the small mobile screen.

SoMoGlo apps - Social Mobile Global (Social Media Week Berlin 2013)



Go ahead and register to attend! Remember to follow the Twitter feed #SMWBerlin during the week and tweet your impressions using the hashtags for each event to connect with the global crowd taking part on Social Media Week all over the world. See you there in 3 weeks!