A June packed full of events for Zoobe

With June already gone, we'd like to recap on the 2 great events we were part of this month: first Google's Big Tent in Berlin and second the opening of Factory Berlin. In both, Zoobe was proud to be presenting our app to all attendees and to be raffling a Nexus 7 among Zoobe lovers. Here's how it went:

Google Big Tent Berlin

On the 5th of June the Big Tent Berlin was held by Google in Mitte. An impressive line-up of speakers was gathered for the occasion, among them Jeff Jarvis and Dorothee Bär. While the event was centered in the challenges Internet poses to old media to adapt and which are the best politics to follow on that topic, Zoobe was there to show the fun side of new media. With that in mind, we set ourselves to make all attendees relax from the serious talks and get a taste of what Zoobe can do for them in their daily lives.

Many enjoyed trying out Zoobe to apologize, send romantic messages, pitch a brand new idea or show their anger in a charming way. Some even created their own Zoobe message on spot, check them out!

Among all those who created their Zoobe video during the event, we raffled a sweet Nexus 7. Here's the winner Nicole receiving her prize at the Factory Berlin:

Opening of Factory Berlin

Less than a week after, we were invited to showcase our app at the Startup Fair of the Opening of Factory in Berlin. The long awaited event was held during the whole day on the 11th of June and brought together some of the most amazing startups in the city. And we mean it, at the right side of our stand there was the Twitter team ;)

After the Factory Berlin was officially opened, the Mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit took some some minutes to get to know us better: here's our founder Lenard showing him how to create a Zoobe message with the Smurfs!

During the rest of the day people kept arriving to the Factory for the big day, being the highlight Eric Schmidt's speech and of course the official party, which it was so wild we cannot post the pictures ;)

All in all, we had hundreds of attendees checking out the Zoobe app and taking part of the raffle of a Nexus 7. This tweet earned Sebastian his prize: