Goodbye, Zoobe Eve: it was a pleasure!

A lot has changed since we first launched our first Zoobe app back in November 2012. It went by the name "Zoobe Cam" and it already featured our beloved Bunny and Buddy the Bear. Soon enough "Zoobe Cam Eve" followed, in this case being Eve and Adam the main characters of Zoobe lover's video creations. 

While having 2 separated apps helped us to reach the two main different audiences Zoobe had gathered, it also proved quite challenging to manage. For that reason, in December 2013 we decided to merge both apps in the "Zoobe" app you all know and love. And now, a bit more than a year later, we are saying goodbye to "Zoobe Eve".

This means in no way that you cannot use Eve and Adam anymore for your romantic messages: you can find many more versions of both figures in the Zoobe app. Eve still awaits you to create amazing videos using Awesome EveGala Glamour, Christmas with Eve, Island Greetings, Eve Oktoberfest, Classy Couple and Enchanted Eve. All of them are available in the Zoobe app and of course there will be even more versions in the future. 

But from the 20th of January on, the "Zoobe Eve" app will stop working. So please download Zoobe now to keep enjoying with your favourite characters! As a bit of extra motivation, here's a gallery of Eve and Adam evolution through the years:

Do you have any beautiful moments with Eve and Adam you want to share with us? Leave us a comment (or a video!) below!