Happy birthday, Capricorn!

Oh Capricorn, right among the Christmas season your birthday has arrived. You probably had a short conflict with the holidays when you were a child because they interfered with your one-day per year, but nature gave you so many qualities that it truly compensates. That’s why we have to prepare a special Zoobe birthday message for you.

Let’s see how a Capricorn is like. People born under this sign are often responsible, practical and disciplined. Moreover, they can be really loyal friends and help the ones they love whenever it’s needed. They always have resources to solve any problem and love to lead the way. Although, sometimes they can be a bit too bossy, self-centered and detached. And even if they don’t want to let it show, they can sometimes be pessimistic and introverts.

All in all, they are great people to have around, to count on and to cherish.  
So, Capricorn, have you found yourself in this description?

We’ll let you reflect on that and now let’s see what kind of Zoobe birthday message would be good for you. A Pinky the Present message, the Smurfette one, Maya the Bee or maybe a Willy message? You can choose any of them to send birthday messages without any effort with the Happy Birthday backgrounds.

We think you would like all of them, but we’ve chosen the one that should fit you best, especially this time of year: we picked Paddington to deliver your birthday wishes… with fireworks.    


Now let’s get into more details and see what other traits a Capricorn has:

1. Patient


2. Ambitious

2. Zoobe Capricorn.jpg


3. Knows how to be a real friend


4. Strong


5. Independent


6. Melancholic & emotional 


7. Stubborn


8. Shy


9. Moody


10. Likes to be free

Happy birthday, Capricorn and don’t forget to check the other signs’ traits and see what kind of messages they would like to receive. See what kind of people Scorpios, Libras, Virgos and Leos are.