Hillary Clinton joins Zoobe

Hillary Clinton formally announced her candidacy for the presidency in the 2016 election on April 12th 2015. She already had a campaign-in-waiting in place, including a large donor network, experienced operatives, and the Ready for Hillary and Priorities USA Action political action committees. Clinton's campaign focuses on raising middle class incomes, establishing universal preschool and making college more affordable, as well as improving the Affordable Care Act

On "Super Tuesday", Clinton won seven of eleven contests, including a string of dominating victories across the South. She has maintained this lead in subsequent contests, with a consistent pattern through the year being that Bernie Sanders has done better among younger, whiter, more rural, and more liberal voters, while Clinton has done better among older and more diverse voter population. 

We've so enjoyed watching the countless videos you've created using our Donald Trump character that it only seemed fair to have the Democratic front runner join the Zoobe family and she's already causing quite a stir! Check out some of her videos below.