How to quit your job in a Youtube video

How do you proceed when you want to quit your job? Probably through a face-to-face meeting or at least in a written email. But have you ever thought of uploading a video on Youtube and letting your boss and the whole world know you are quitting? Here’s an example:

Marina, a girl who was sick of her hard working hours without any satisfaction, had enough and decided to make a video while she was still in the office at 4:30 am to quit her job at Taiwanese animation company. This is what came out:  

Well, her boss and the team didn’t remain silent and decided to reply in the same manner, with a video which became viral as well.

Now, this is an original idea to quit your job, but you will most probably bother some people by doing it. It’s a tricky situation. So why not try an even better one? A Zoobe 3D video which won’t get your boss angry.

Let one of our lovely characters deliver your message. Who could resist giving you a nice answer when seeing the sweet video you made. Maybe you even get a compensation before you leave. Who knows…

This is our version of resignation.

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