How to say no without being rude (6 cute messages)

Sometimes, saying “no” it’s one of the most difficult things in the world. So let’s discover when you should refuse someone and which are the best ways to do it (six examples that you can use right now).    

It’s hard to say “no” because others can take it personal and get upset. And let’s admit it, deep down inside, we all want to be liked. Being a good friend, a nice colleague and a cool person to hang out with are attributes that make us feel good about ourselves.

Unfortunately, there are moments when each and everyone one of us should learn to say “NO”.  As Bill Cosby said, “the key to failure is trying to please everybody”. And nobody wants to fail.

Are you a people pleaser?

There are the so-called “people pleasers” that cannot refuse a request of the ones around. But that could only lead to personal frustration and inefficiency, either in personal or professional life.

We are not talking about saying “no” all the time, but some of the tasks or requests don’t really need your input. It’s just easier for some people to ask you to do things, because they’ll get some extra time for themselves. Don’t you want your extra time?

 When you accept to help, you might say “just this time” but once the precedent is created, you can bet there’ll be more than just “once”.

 No matter if it’s related to work, home chores, homework or paying some bills, the requests can come anytime.  

WHEN to say “no”

So how can you decide when it’s time to say no? Try this out: when a request meets at least two of these points, your answer should be “NO”.

-       You don’t have time to fit the task in your schedule

-       It takes more than 30-40 minutes

-       That chore is not even a must. You or your business can do just fine without it

-       You don’t have the abilities to finish the task

-       It doesn’t add any value to you or your business

Now that you have decided to refuse “the poor guy or girl”, here comes the question “how can you say NO without being rude?”.

HOW to say “no”

We have a few solutions but the best is the one that suits your character and the specific situation you are in. You can be straightforward and firm or relaxed, sympathetic and funny.

Learn how to say NO and choose the best way for you:

1. The firm way

2. The funny approach

 3. The polite way

 4. Suggest other people for the job

5. The ‘maybe another time” method

6. The most direct one

If you feel the Zoobe background doesn’t fit your message, you can simply add another one and use the NO bear to deliver it. Or you can actually use our own messages and just send the link to the person you want to refuse. Simple as that. ;)