How to create the perfect Valentine’s Day message

It can be so frustrating to find the perfect Valentine’s Day present for the one you love when you have no ideas. We showed you some awesome ideas for your romantic presents and some Valentine’s Day fails, to help you decide what’s good and what is not. Also, you can get some inspiration based on your location when it comes to Valentine’s Day around the world. But now we’ll get more specific. :)

When the one you love means the world to you, it’s a fact that you want to offer him or her a special gift with a romantic meaning. We’ll tell you a secret: the loved one will appreciate your effort no matter what, but a personalized object, message or idea, will make their heart melt.

So, get her or him a perfume, a book, a phone, organize a surprise citybreak or just buy some flowers and chocolate. But the best part comes when you send a romantic message. Zoobe is here to give you all the support you need.

Some of our characters are specially designed for love messages. You don’t even have to search our shop for them. Just read the rest of the article and you’ll see all of our love characters. And not only this, but you’ll also find ideas of messages for each of them. You just have to decide which one is perfect for your sweetheart. 


1. Romantic Pets – Kitty & Piggy

This pack is specially designed for Valentine’s Day and other occasions when you want to express your love in a different way. You can choose from Kitty or Piggy characters and have a romantic background with flowers, hearts and swans.

Check out these messages ideas:


2. Smurfette 
Everybody knows the lovely Smurfette and her kindness. In the Smurfette pack, there’s also a heart background, which is there for you to get her to deliver your love messages.


3. Love Pack 

As the name says, it’s all about love. You can choose Bunny or Bear to express your feelings. Here you have 4 background options and different moods. There’s even an option to ask for forgiveness when you made a mistake and your heart is broken. Let’s hope this in not your situation. But just in case you did something wrong and want her or him back, here’s the perfect environment to say you are sorry. 


4. Animated Frames – hearts background

This pack is a bit different, but works every time. It’s the 3D version of a photo frame of you two. Just select the animated hearts frame and upload a picture of you kissing, holding or from your holiday and record the sweet message you want to share. 


5. Bunny Love Jump 

This is brand new and we are sure you’ll love it. The cute bunny takes the love jump and floats all the way to your lover. Here’s the best part: you can upload a picture of your sweetheart and at the end of the video, in the shape of a heart, your love one will appear. It’s the final surprise that will get her into your arms.   


6. Tyranni 

Tyranni comes with many options but the ones you should be interested in are “Thinking of you”and “Thank you” messages. Hint: the second one is really funny. Wait till you see what’s the thankyou gift. :)


7. Pinky the Present – I love you 

Pinky is sweet and cute, always smiling and ready to deliver presents; it’s a present after all. For Valentine’s Day, choose the I love you background and create a special video. Just like this one.


These are specially designed for lovers and their special messages. But in the app, you can find so many other characters with different features that can be used for your romantic messages. You just have to be a bit creative.

For example you can use Hot Lips to add a sexy voice on any object you want to.

Just like this. 


Or why not try the Holiday Pets or Island Adam & Eve to invite her on a romantic getaway. Also Traveler Schnitzel can be used for a message such as “I’ve been around the world and I never found someone like you. I want to be only with you“. Try Panda, Buddy or Bear to tell him he is your teddy bear 


You can also use the Halvar the Viking to offer her flowers or Maya or Willy to say “you are the honey I can’t live without”  

Other options would be Singing Smurfette to sing your couple song or Tyranni for the Good morning or Good night Valentine’s Day messages.


Choose Om Nom for a message such as “I love you more than candies”  or Clumsy for an “I am clumsy for you” voice.  


You can use all of these and many more, either with the preset backgrounds, your own pictures or the free internet images.  

Most of the characters are free, but in case the one you want is not and you aren’t sure you want to buy that one yet, here’s a hint. Check the All Stars option and see if your desired character is there so you can have it for free for a limited time.

So, did you decide yet? Let us know in the comments what's you favorite. 

Happy Valentine's Day!