How to create the perfect Zoobe message

You might already be an expert at creating great videos, but a few tips won’t hurt, right? We had a few questions coming from Zoobe lovers regarding this subject and we want to help you create the best Zoobe messages you can. After all, these messages can give you so many awesome feelings as a reward from those you shared the videos with: lots of likes on Facebook or views on Youtube, a thank you call from your BFF or a kiss from the one you really (really) like.

Just follow these easy 6 steps and you’re done. Spoiler alert: it takes longer to read this article than actually create an awesome message! :) 

1. Select the character
Even before you open the Zoobe app, think of the person you want to send this message to. Then just browse through the Zoobe characters having that person in mind. If it’s your girlfriend, you can choose the romantic pets saying “I love you” and a flowers bouquet, or if you want to send your mom an “I am hungry” message, choose Tyranni.  You can use characters for special occasions too: Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Oktoberfest or Thanksgiving Day, to name a few.

In case you still haven’t found the perfect character for the video, go to the Zoobe Shop and download new one(s). If you are not sure that you want to buy a character (even though lots of them are FREE), we’ll give you a tip. Go to the left side of the characters bar and you’ll see a star (the All Stars feature). From there you can select some premium characters for free for a limited time. Check them often, cause they’re changing. :)

2. Pick the perfect background
All of our characters have more options of backgrounds. Some of them can be associated with the feelings (happy, sad or angry) and others can be with the same mood but different landscapes. Take Paddington for example: he can either be on a bench eating chocolates, at the movie or in a train station. Moreover, you can choose already preset backgrounds for special moments. If it’s your BFF’s birthday, you can choose Maya the Bee with the Happy B-day background or Pinky the Present. The choices are numerous but we’re sure you got the idea. Check them out! 

3. Upload or take a picture (optional)
Zoobe has preset background photos for each character but you always have the option to upload your own: from your phone or even take a photo on the spot. Moreover, some of the characters are specially designed so you can rely on your own pics. The StreetFighter character Blanka for example has the option to actually yell at the picture of something that annoyed you. Let’s say your little brother messed up your room. Just take a picture, record your voice and let Blanka do the job for you. Just like this.

Also, the Dummy Mouths are designed so you place them over your pictures and make any object talk, have beard or a apply a monster mouth. This should be fun. Or, you can also make an awesome Out Of Office message with a picture of the beach.

4. Record your voice
When you are all ready with the background, either your own or chosen from our pictures, you can record your voice. Just push the red button and say what’s on your mind. You have 30 seconds to record your message. From our experience, the time is more than enough, but if you still want more, stay tuned because soon we’ll give you some tips on that!

Either before or after recording your voice, you have the option to adjust your voice. You can make it higher or lower by pushing the lower-right corner button and adjusting the voice pitch. Maybe you want a lower voice for the Bear, Blanka or Paddington, but a higher voice for Eve, Bunny or Smurfette. Play around with it and we guarantee you the result won't disappoint ;)

5. Video… ready 
Now, you are all set up to see your video. Push the “Create video” button and within a few seconds, your video will be ready. Give it a name (or not) and push “Save video”.    

6. Share your video with the world
Here’s where the magic happens. As soon as you save your video, the app will automatically take you to the Videos section where your newest creation will be in the top of the list. Just press on the video and share it. You can choose to share the link or directly the video.

If you share the link, the video will be online for 14 days. This way, the person who’ll watch it, can do it with a simple URL. In case you want to send the video, they will have it on their phone, laptop or tablet until they decide to erase it.   

You can share it private on email, Viber, WhatsApp, KakaoTalk or any other mobile messaging you want or, you can also make it public (or share it with all your friends) on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or the social network you prefer. Just remember that using the link, you'll be able to send your video as well as SMS, while as a video file, you'll need to use the Internet.

Tadaaa… Simple and fast, right? Now you try it!