How to find the best pictures for your Zoobe messages

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but that picture has to capture the right mood and emotions you want to transmit. We like the photos you use within the Zoobe videos and we love seeing new ideas and creative ways to express your thoughts. We also know that you don’t always have there a sunny beach every time you want to send a message to your lover saying to get lost together in the ocean. Neither you have a pie when you want to say that he’s your cutie pie. Zoobe knows just what you need.

The Zoobe messages are specially designed to send personalized and unique messages, but we know you like taking it to the next level. We promised you in the How to create the perfect Zoobe message article that we’ll help you find awesome pictures. Of course, you can download a picture at any time from any website, but you have to remember you are actually stealing that photo and a person’s work. Moreover, there are tools that can find stolen pictures. So, think twice before doing that.

Luckily, there are websites where you can find free and with creative commons licensing images to use for your Zoobe messages and for any other reason you may need good pictures.

Most of the Zoobe characters already have a palette of images you can choose from, but some characters actually are designed for you to use best with your own picture. Pick Blanka and put him yell at whatever you have there or create a video with the sexy lips and make any object talk.

If you use the upload an image option, here is our shortlist of websites where you can find free pictures.

1. Unprofound
It’s a free images website with no restriction and no account needed. Unprofound is a bit dates, but don’t let yourself fooled by the appearance because you can find a lot of nice pictures. Moreover, they have a nice way to categorize images  – they are sorted by colors. We loved this red pie. :) 


2. Morguefile
This one has a nice design, it’s user-friendly and there’s a big data base of interesting images. Just search what your heart desires and select your photo. In Morguefile you can adapt the images, use them for commercial purposes and you don’t even have to attribute the image to the original author. Here’s what we found and loved.


3. Search Creative Commons
This is a pretty cool tool that helps you find pictures by searching a certain topic and choosing from what website you’d like to pick a free picture. With Search Creative Commons tool you can select from Flickr, Google, Fotopedia and many more.

Source: Photo 
License: CC BY 


4. Image Base
Another cute website is Image Base. You don’t need to register and the images are quite good. You can choose from the 6 big categories (people, objects, nature, slides, cities and Holy Land) or you can just use the search option and go straight to what you need. Don't you just like this winter picture? Free, as we mentioned. 


5. Animals Photos
As the name says, this one is for the animal lovers; you can find a big variety of animals pictures – from cute little puppies to birds you never heard of. Animal Photos is organized with lots of sections - birds, mammals, primates and rodents.  



Also, if you are out of ideas, check the 2015 creative trends and find what pictures are in demand, or take a look at the Zoobe YouTube channel, where you can find hundreds of videos on different themes and topics.

Here’s how we used one of the free pictures to create a Zoobe message. Now you try it!


Do you know any other way to find pictures and use them as background in your Zoobe messages? Let us know in the comments!