How to make New Year’s resolutions become reality

A new year has just begun and fresh ideas, resolutions and the drive to overcome any obstacle are filling us with joy and excitement.  A new year full of hope just opened its doors. It’s the time to make new plans and let them guide us through the year. It’s the moment to dream and let everyone know about our big thoughts and wishes. Spreading them through Zoobe messages is the ideal way to do it and we’ll tell you why and how.  

Right now, you probably feel that everything is possible and you can achieve all your wishes and resolutions. But as the months pass by, you might lose that confidence, think you can't make it and we want to avoid that. Last year (well, a week ago, but it sounds good, right? :D) we gave you some tips on how to write a good New Year’s resolution list and how to make sure you hold on to your promises. Now, we want to guide you even more. You can use Zoobe to help you keep up with your goals. Let us show you how.


1. Make your goals public through Zoobe
As we mentioned in the previous article, the peer pressure can make wonders. Set your goals and create a Zoobe message to let everyone know what your big plans are and we are sure you’ll get a lot of “good luck”, “you go” and “fingers crossed” comments from everyone. That we’ll make you even more eager to conquer the world, don’t you think? Here’s how you can do it:


2. Let Zoobe help you achieve your resolutions
Let’s say your number one desire is to show the ones you love what they mean to you. And that’s such an amazing resolution, because the love of our dear ones is in the end what matters the most. Cool, we settled this, but how can you use Zoobe? Create a reminder (everyday/week or month, whatever suits your schedule) to make a short Zoobe message and send it to them. Maybe today to your mom, then your dad, better half, brother or friend. You got the idea. We chose Paddington, but you can pick Smurfette, Kitty, Pao, Angela Merkel or any other character. Just like this:


3. Celebrate achieving your goals and let everyone know
Maybe your wish is to travel the world, a certain country or to pass an exam. And once you’ve achieved that, you need to celebrate it, feel good, share your joy, cause you deserve it. And how can you cherish it better than letting everyone you made it - through a winning Zoobe message. Let’s say you arrived in Bali and you checked your first resolution. Take a picture of yourself and create a Schnitzel Traveler message, share it with your friends or even with us and we’ll make sure your voice will be heard. Imagine the happiness you’ll receive not only by reaching your goal but also seeing how many people support you and are glad that you made it.   

We hope you find these tips useful. Let us know in the comments what other tricks you use to help you keep up with your resolutions.