How to take better photos with your smartphone

Whether you are crazy about photography and spend thousands of dollars on cameras and lenses, or you just own a smartphone and take pictures when you need to, one thing is certain: pictures are part of or lives. Even we, at Zoobe, work with photos and provide you the opportunity to add your own art in the videos. Let’s see how we can make those pictures better with just a few simple tips that you can apply right now.

Videos and pictures can say more things in a second than words can in much more time, but those pictures have to capture the essence of what you are trying to transmit. The better they look, the more they attract the eye and capture your audience’s attention (no matter if that’s your mother, boyfriend or your Instagram followers).

Within the Zoobe app, you can choose to use any of the characters with a preset background (such as Paddington, Om Nom, Pao, Bunny and many more) or to add your own picture. You can take it right on the spot, or upload it from the previous photos you’ve taken.  It’s really really easy. Just like this one:


Moreover, so you can emphasize your artistic skills, there are a few characters that are specially designed for this. They don’t work without a photo – the object you’ll capture will be brought to life by you with the help of the message.  Fancy FramesHipster Mouth, Baby Mouth, Monster Mouth and Sexy Lips are a few examples of this kind of open message. Check it out:  

If you are not feeling particularly thrilled about taking pictures, you can always just use ours or upload free photos from the platforms that let you download their pictures and use them.

But don’t just quit yet, till you try these easy tips:

1. Light
Try to aim for natural light because this is the one that can make a big difference. When outdoors, this should not be a problem, but still try to catch the light towards the object that needs to be shot, not the otherwise around. If you are indoor, try to place the object (or yourself) close to the window and maintain the same rule.

 2. Clean lens
This might sound basic and unnecessary, but you’d be surprise to know how many pictures go wrong because of the not-so-clean lens. Your phone is almost always with you in your hand, pocket, bag, desk etc. So small particles of dust will frequently appear.  

 3. Know your settings
If you are not that passionate about photography, you might not even be aware of all the settings your phone camera has. On both Android and iOS devices, different features are available. Just go to the Settings section while your camera is on and check them all.

-       Scene mode: adapt it to your needs (sports, indoor, sunset, night, backlight etc) 

-       Focus mode: macro or auto

-       Resolution: you have a lot of choices – play with them and see what works best

-       White balance: light can vary a lot so, pick the one suited to your situation (daylight, cloudy, incandescent, fluorescent)

-       ISO: A camera's ISO function sets the light sensitivity of the camera's image sensor, thus, a higher ISO is often used when shooting in not the best conditions (cloudy, indoors etc)



4. Landscape
For the Zoobe videos you’ll need landscape picture so they can fit perfectly in the video’s background. Not only for the videos, but also for capturing more of the frame, you’ll want to use this feature.

5. Flash
If your flash is set on auto, you better pay attention to this whenever you need to take a picture. Even though the camera might think you need flash, sometimes your photo will look much better without. Try turning it off and find a better source of light.

6. Don’t zoom
If you need a close-up of the object or group of people, just get closer… literally. If you zoom your camera, the quality of the picture will get worse and your picture won’t be the one you hoped for. 


7. Manual – better than auto 
Your camera can be really intuitive when it comes to the settings you need while it’s set on auto, but not always. That’s why you should adjust the features every time, accordingly to your exterior factors.

8. Photo editing apps 
We suggested earlier taking picture without filters because you can play with them later, with some other apps. VSCO cam, Lensical (available only on iOS), PicLab HD and Camera+ are just a few suggestions of apps, but you can also check the editing features of Instagram and EyeEmChoose any app you want, save the picture in your phone and then just upload it in the Zoobe app to create your message.

9. Filters
Sometimes, the most beautiful pictures have no filter, but if you do want to use one before taking the picture, check your phone camera’s filters, try them and see which one works best.


10. Center or not
Before taking the picture, think what you’ll use it for, because it might vary the way you’ll place the objects or subjects. You can have a person in the middle of the screen for a Zoobe message that will use the Lips character or you’ll need a side placed object for a Zoobe Om Nom message.

Also, you might want to check the selfie article and see what you should avoid and some tips from Michelle Phan.

Our users already used their own pictures and here’s the result!

Zoobe Bunny Good morning!
Creator: Zoobe Bunny 


Darius und Leon Alexander..Schlumpf der Schlümpfe von Zoobe deutsch
Creator: videodeutschland 

Now it’s your turn! Just apply these simple rules, take a picture and create a Zoobe message with your own artsy image. When you are done, share your link with us: bellow in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube!