“I miss you” messages are better with Zoobe

Long distance relationships are hard. Even a few days away from each other can become a burden for two people who are in love. Zoobe loves love and loves to see people happy. Moreover, when your happiness relays on you two lovebirds being closer, we bring you something to ease the pain.

If you haven’t used Zoobe that much, this might be the perfect moment to do it. Have you seen how people lighten up when they see a Zoobe message for the first time? It’s your chance to make the one you love miss you a bit less and love you much more.

You can choose any of our characters to send your “I miss you” messages but we have selected a few that we think would fit this situation best. You can try the “thinking of you” Tyranni, you can use Smurfette, Grouchy, Papa Smurf or Clumsy Smurf  with the heart background, the Romantic Pets,  the “I love you" pack or the “I love you” Pinky.

And we are here to help you even more with your Zoobe messages. Some of you might have a lot of imagination and love to compose unique messages, but some of you might need some inspiration.

We’ll give you some ideas about making your sweetheart feel you closer and love you more, even if the distance can make this so hard sometimes.

Thinking of you 24/7

I am upset that you are not here with me

Missing you makes me Clumsy

Words are better than flowers

When I send you a Zoobe message…

So, which one is your favorite? You don’t even have to choose just one. Share the Zoobe message Youtube link with her or him and remind them of the importance they have in your life.  And let us know how it worked. We would love to hear from you.