Introducing a new look for the Zoobe menu


We're so excited to present to you our brand new look Zoobe menu, not only does it look fabulous but it makes your whole Zoobe experience both easier and more enjoyable! Let's walk through the new features.

IOS                                                                                       ANDROID

When arriving at the home page you will be greeted by all of our characters available to you to create your Zoobes. This is the CREATE page and it is here your Zoobe journey will begin. Simply click on a character and create your video, it's that easy! On the iOS app you'll see the menu options along the bottom of the screen and on the Android app the menu sits along the top. 

Click on the MY FEED button and you'll be taken to your wall where you will see all the posts from your Zoobe friends that you follow.

Click on BROWSE and you can scroll through all the new Zoobe videos that our users from all over the world have posted. You can also take a look at the most popular Zoobes currently in the app, maybe one of your videos will have made the list!

In ACTIVITIES you will see all your notifications, click here to see if someone has liked your video or if you have a new follower!

Go to your PROFILE and all of your videos will be stored, both your private Zoobes and the messages you've uploaded into the app. You can also keep count of how many fellow Zoobe fans you are following, how many followers you have, and how many combined likes your videos have reached so far. 

We hope you enjoy using the new look menu as much as we've enjoyed putting it together, have fun and be sure to make today a Zoobe kind of day!