Introducing The Animation Picker

Creating your own Zoobe message just got even more exciting with our brand new Animation Picker feature. Here's how it works... 

Once inside the Zoobe App you'll notice the brand new home page which features all our awesome characters. If you are on Android, you'll be receiving this new feature in the next week and if you are on iOS will come to you in the next 10 days. Once you do, you'll be able to scroll down and see all the characters and animations available, with the "Crown" symbol marking Premium characters.

If you're looking to create a joyful message, click on the 'Happy' icon and you'll be taken straight to all the cheerful characters in the app. Feeling grouchy and want to send a moody message? Click on the 'Angry' icon and you'll be directed to our furious friends! To see all the characters you've already downloaded, click on the 'mine' button and there they will all be, you can even organise them and put them in a specific order by simply holding down on the character and dragging him into position.  

animation picker.png

Once you've chosen your character we will show you other characters who are similar that you may want to try later. Then simply hit record and get creative with your message.

Once your message is recorded, give it a title and hit save.

Now it's ready to share with the world! Hit the sharing icon on the bottom left and discover so many ways to share your Zoobe. You can put it straight on to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and send it direct to your friends via email, WhatsApp or text. 

Be sure to hit the 'Z' icon and upload the message straight to your Zoobe profile for all our thousands of users to enjoy. The more likes you get the higher your video will climb up our Popular List. Sending messages has never been more fun!