Introducing the Zoobe follow feature

The Zoobe community is growing wider and wider and now with the new 'follow' button it's just got so much easier to connect with other Zoobe users. Now you can keep up with your friends and even make new ones by filling your personal feed with Zoobes from your favourite users. Whether you're  scrolling through the New List at all the hilarious new videos made by users from all over the world or perusing the Popular List at all the most loved Zoobes, you can view the user profile of anyone who takes your fancy, hit follow and hey presto, you're connected! Here's how.....

Slack for iOS Upload.png

1. Flick through the new list and popular list

2. Discover a Zoobe that you particularly enjoy

3. Click on the user profile

4. Click the 'Follow' button under their profile picture

5. Click on 'Followers' to see who else is following them 

6. Click on 'Following' to see who else they're following

7. Head back to the Zoobes section and click 'My Feed' and you will be kept up to date with all the Zoobe messages from all the users you are following.

image1 (2).PNG

You can also head to your own profile page and hit 'Followers' to see everyone who's following you or 'following' to see a list of everyone you've followed. And if if you no longer want to see the videos from a particular user in your feed, head to their profile and click 'Following' and you will no longer follow this user. It's as easy as that!

You just need to update NOW to the latest Zoobe version and let us know what you think about the new  'Follow' option in the comments below.