Island Greetings with Eve & Adam is now live!

Such a long wait, but summer and holidays are here! And not only that: also Eve and Adam are now ready to star in your most amazing holiday greetings from their idyllic desert island setting! Whether hanging around the beach or relaxing while the sun sets, both are rocking their minimal outfits, because well, who likes tan marks everywhere?

Creating the best postcards your friends will ever receive is easy - just download the Island Greetings pack, select between Eve or Adam, add your holiday pictures, record your voice message and send the animated video through email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber... the list is long: depends only on which apps you have installed in your phone. What else? Ah, you can also use them during your hot and sleepless summer nights to surprise someone special... just saying! ;) Here's a sample of what Eve and Adam can do for you: