It’s Cat Day and here’s Kitty’s favourite cat pictures

Kitty, our most beloved cat in the world, is today having a celebration: it’s her day! Well, hers and also the day of some other millions of fellas. Each year, on 8th of August, we celebrate them as a reminder of how much the little pets mean to us. The way Kitty is part of the Zoobe family, we are sure your cute cat is a member of your family already.  

These days there are more than 500 million cats all over the world, thus the most popular pet. They wake us up, they make us smile in the morning, they are all over the internet and they make us laugh. Cats; these little felines that make our hearts melt every time they come to us in need of attention. And there’s no wonder that each day we get to see a random funny cat video on any of the social networks. Because, yes, they are funny. And why shouldn’t the whole world laugh a bit. After all, the laughter keeps us healthy and happy.

Even celebrities love cats and got themselves photographed with their cute pets: Russell Brand, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart are just a few. Maybe you should send them today a Zoobe video starring Kitty? Surely they’ll love it ;) It could be your big chance to make yourself noticed by your favorite star.  

And because we all like watching cute and funny pets, we got this compilation of different cat personalities especially for you, cat lovers.

But not before Kitty sends you her message:

1. The “gimme some love” cat

2. The courageous one

3. The fighter

4. The irresistible

5. Copy cat

6. The “we be rollin’” cats

7. The future DJs

8. The nosy cat

9. The new trendsetters

10. The lucky one

Do you think your cat can make it to our top? Share a photo of your kitty with us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Google+. Can’t wait to see them.