January: Greg - User of the month

Hi Greg! How is it going? First of all, please introduce yourself and tell us about your life. 

Hi! Everything is going well. I am a middle aged man from West Bloomfield, Michigan, USA. I am a professional garden designer and live in a house on 2 acres of land with my 2 friends, 2 dogs and 2 cats. I have no children to boss around so I do much of the work myself. I enjoy a happy life and try and find the humour in everything.

How did you find out about Zoobe? When did you start using the Zoobe app?

I was in the Google Play store and came upon the Zoobe App and was intrigued by it so I downloaded it and have been enjoying it since spring of this year.

Which are your favourite characters and why?

My favourite character is the male Giraffe... Oh wait, he’s not been created yet! I love the pig, mine stutters and becomes very excited about everything! Drunk Bunny (because she reminds me of my own drunken grandmother) and most of the animals, particularly the leopard cub that everyone calls a tiger! I favour so many because I look for the ones that best fit into the story I am trying to tell.

Which other characters and features would you like to have in the Zoobe app?

There is a long necked, gentle beast, called a giraffe. I think the design team are aware of this and are torturing me by avoiding it!. As far as features go I think it would be fun to create a personal video to use as a background. Your team comes up with so many great new features that I just wait to see what’s new.

Where do you publish your Zoobes? Do you send them to your friends via private chats, too? What’s your target group?

I publish in the Zoobe app, of course and also to YouTube (and to the United Nations Newsletter’s comic section!) I send my Zoobe’s to many friends using emails and texts. My target group is anyone with the sense of humour to enjoy sarcasm, slightly adult humour and the ability to know when someone is teasing about a subject. I find that many of my “likes” are from young adults and I think it’s great when they “get” the joke.

What are your Zoobe videos about? 

My Zoobe videos are about making you smile. Making you laugh. And leaving you with a smile. I think about my subject for a while. Try different ways to interpret it and often redo it until it’s just like I want it. I try not to hurt anyone with cruelty, and only swear when it’s (god damn) necessary!

Which settings do you use for your videos?

I almost always use my own photography as backgrounds. This personalizes the video to whomever I am sending it to and it makes it my own. Every character I use has their own voice pitch and characteristics. My pig has a terrible time with stuttering and over excitement.  Drunk Bunny always has hiccups, giggles, and occasionally burps. (But everyone knows a lady bunny never farts!)

What kind of feedback do you get? Do people reply to your video messages with Zoobes?

I only send my videos to get a laugh or smile and that is usually the reward I DO get. And yes, quite a few friends and recipients have GOT to know how to do it and have since become Zoobites themselves. 

When is your high time producing Zoobes? How many do you create in general?

I have created 100’s. But published only 19. Certainly Christmas was a busy Zoobe time, but really any occasion is the right time. I have a few friends text me and tell me they “need” a Zoobe from me to cheer them up. (Since I am not a paid therapist, I let them suffer a while before taking their mental care into my hands!)

In general, what is special about the Zoobe app to you?

The App is a riot. The characters are well thought out and their movements so interpretive of the voice message being sent. The fact that they can be personalized in so many ways always surprises the recipients and I have had many people question me as to how I get them to move that way! And I  would be remiss if I did not add that you, Lotta, and Monica, Inês and a wonderful team make it a pleasure and easy to communicate with.

Have you got any tips for beginners or other Zoobe users for best results?

My tips would be to experiment. Over and over. Have fun. Try different voice pitches, your own backgrounds, make the characters your own. It’s always fun to see how a character acts in another person’s video. And spend some time thinking it out if you’re going to put it out there for the world to see. Be different! Be you! (And pray that you’re worthy enough to be a Zoobite.)

Thanks so much Greg, for telling us so much about you and the background of your funny videos! Talk to you soon.

It was nice to talk about my Zoobe life. Catch ya later!