Join now the Zoobe Community!

Today we released a new update for the Zoobe app that introduces a much requested feature: the possibility to create a profile in Zoobe in order to publish your videos inside the app! From now on, when you create a Zoobe, you can share it with friends using your favourite apps as you always did, but you also have the choice to share your videos with other Zoobe users around the world, who will be delighted to watch and like your creations.

How does it work? Basically a new button appears in the videos you save on the list "My Videos". It's the Publish video, that on the first time you tap it will open the different registration options: Facebook, Twitter and email. Select your favourite and create your profile in seconds! Check the video for more details:

Your published videos will appear in the new "Popular" list, that you can find next to "Inspiration" and "My Videos" lists. All videos in your language shared by other Zoobe users will appear there: you can watch them, like them, save them or reshare it. The more popular videos will show first in the list, so make sure to check up often if your creations are making it to the top! 

What are you waiting for to get started in the Zoobe Community? Update now the Zoobe app on the Apple App Store or on Google Play, publish your first videos and let your talent shine!

We are planning many improvements and exciting additions to this new chapter for Zoobe. What are you missing or would like to see soon in the app? Let us know in the comments or send an email to!