Meet Gossip Pig

Gossip Pig is our celebrity gossip correspondent who keeps us up to date on all the goings on in the lives of the A listers! He always speaks his mind on current celeb events and what he has to say isn't always too kind! Here Gossip Pig tells us a bit about himself

Let's have a look back at some of Gossip Pig's reports on the stars

Getting personal on the grooming habits of the controversial pop star!


Red carpet casualties, Gossip Pig will let you know who looked great but his main focus is who looked disastrous!

Those troublesome housewives are always full of gossip!

From blonde to pink, Gossip Pig will let you know what he thinks of a new celeb hair don't!

Front row at fashion week makes Gossip Pig feel like a kid at christmas!

There's nothing Gossip Pig loves more than a celebrity feud!

Kanye always was a newsworthy controversial star and then he married a Kardashian! Gossip Pig could hardly contain himself (although was bemused at his lack of wedding invite!)

Gossip Pig will always keep you up to date with news on your favourite TV shows

Who was wearing what (and why???!)

Gossip Pig always likes to keep on top of what's happening over at Buckingham Palace!

Sports suddenly become a lot more interesting to Gossip Pig once there's a bitch fight going on!

Gossip Pig is always happy when the next generation of celebs start making their way into the world!

You can also follow Gossip Pig on his Twitter and Facebook pages to hear his latest ramblings and you can download his character from the Zoobe app to create your very own Gossip Pig messages. Once downloaded, simply insert a photo of a celebrity or even a friend or family member and let the gossiping commence!