Meet the team: Sascha

We would love you to meet our team and provide a view behind the scenes of Zoobe for you. Meet Sascha!

Sascha is the CTO of Zoobe and has programmed the very first version of the Zoobe technology. Read on to find out more about Sascha and his job as a CTO at Zoobe.

Sascha loves his job at Zoobe. He was born right here in Berlin, Germany, and has been living here for most of his life. He has got a wife and he also is a loved father.

You are a CTO, what does it mean and what's your role at Zoobe?

CTO stands for Chief Technology Officer. That means I'm responsible for all IT stuff that's going on at Zoobe. As we are an IT company there's quite a heap to do. I was the first employee of our company which has extremly evolved. Now we are a team of 35 from 12 different home countries. To get an idea of what I'm working on, it might be interesting to know that I have developed the first version of our technology, from where we keep on improving and extending. 
Furthermore, I'm in charge of our server backend, that means to ensure that our users always get their Zoobe videos when they want them. 
Below you can see a screenshot of the charts of one of our many servers on June 26 - it was an easy morning. There are only 455 users on that server.

So, you were the first Zoobe employee. Tell us a bit more, please.

I've been with Lenard right from the beginning. I remember it like it was yesterday when it was just the two of us in a small garage - literally! I said to him: "I want this to become really, really big." Now it is very big and I want Zoobe to grow even more!

You said, you would love working at Zoobe, what do you enjoy the most?

I'm amazed by the international team spirit. Cultural influences and different accents turn the daily routine into a fun work time and create great experiences. Our team members are energetic and attuned positive. This way we were able to create such an awesome product driven by fancy technology which we improve every day to make it fun and easy to use for you.

The Zoobe office is located in Berlin. How do you like living in the capital city of Germany?

Berlin is my "Mudderstadt" - my one and only. I enjoy traveling and visiting other cities and countries, but Berlin is the only place when it comes to living. Berlin is buzzy, green, colorful and you can get breakfast even late at night. #SchwarzesCafé #24/7

What are your hobbies and what are you doing in your free time?

I like football, seriously I do, playing it and watching it.

Furthermore, I love music, listening to it and also singing and playing the guitar. Sometimes me and my wife are hanging around with friends and having a beer, or two. #FoerstersFeineBiere
Almost every weekend, me and my wife and a friend do a bike tour in and around Berlin, if the weather is fine. We aslso like going to the sauna or go swimming. 

Traveling is my hobby, too. Thus, Zoobe is the perfect place to work at for me. With a few workmates I've been to New York, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Cyprus, Vienna and more. Besides my hobbies I love spending time with my awesome daughter and my amazing wife, as family time is very important to me. Sometimes we go to music events together, we often like the same music. #berlinfestival #lollapalooza Our turtle "Glöckchen (Tinkerbell)" also is a part of our family.

What did you do in your life, before you worked for Zoobe?

After finishing school, I worked as a sound engineer for 7 years, touring around with bands. Then I stopped it and started to study communication and computer science. Within another 7 years I obtained my M.A. and PHD an then worked in academia for a while.

What's your favorite city?

Berlin and Berlin! If you asked me besides Berlin, I would say Sydney.

Where's your dream destination for the next 5 years?

BERLIN, I appreciate to stay in Berlin. The world is coming to us.

Thank you, Sascha, for letting us get to know you a bit better. 

My pleasure, cheers!

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