The new 8 Soccer Smurfs are ready. Game on!

Every 4 years the Summer of football hits and takes over our lives. But who can resist the passion and epic stories of the football fans and their teams? Well, we couldn't and that's why you can find from today on the brand new 8 Soccer Smurfs! Go to the Zoobe Shop and choose among the Soccer Smurf for all the football lovers around the world and the additional 7 for specific countries: Germany, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, Russia, Portugal and Argentina.

Each Soccer Smurfs comes with the perfect animations for your football adventures: share your wins, defeats and goals with your friends and blow their minds with the skilled moves of your Smurf. This summer you can send your invites to watch the game together or create your own videos with the highlights of the day with your team's Smurf. Want a sneak peak of what the Soccer Smurfs can do? Then head to the Zoobe YouTube channel or have a look below: