NEW! Bunny Love Jump for your love messages

You already know Bunny, but this time the cute character comes in a new and improved pack: the Bunny Love Jump!

Just as for the other packs, you can record your voice and upload a photo, but for this one, we have something special: the picture you choose to upload will come as a surprise at the end of the video, in the shape of a heart. So, it’s best to have a picture of your loved one. We’re sure he or she will definitely love it.

Bunny Jump Love can be used for a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day, or in any other day when you want to declare your love. And here’s a tip: it works perfect when you want to say you are falling in love. Check these videos for inspiration:

Ready? Download the Bunny Love Jump, send your message now and make the one you love happy!