The Zoobe Apps are now in German!


The new update of Zoobe Pets & Zoobe Eve is now live! It comes with a bunch of new features:

  • Full German version of both apps for German users - just update the apps in the App Store and it will all show in German! More languages will come soon, we promise :)
  • Now the audio file will stay after a video is created, so you can go back, choose a different picture or pitch level for your voice message and create a new video using the same voice recording.
  • You can also check your recorded voice with different pitch factors after the recording & before creating a video message. Just slide up and down the pitch level to preview the sound effects. Ah, now the slider let's you select the exact pitch you need :)
  • We improved the Share on Facebook dialogue that appears when you want to share your videos with your friends. You can now add a location and select the list of friends that you want to see the video.
  • Now you can see your videos in landscape mode if you turn the iPhone horizontally. 

Apart from that, our awesome iOS developer team also fixed some bugs you hunted and the Graphic magicians of Zoobe got some very cute new screenshots for the App Store! Do you have suggestions about what we should improve next? Well, let us know NOW, we'd love to hear your opinions on how to make Zoobe even more fun: e-mail us or send us a Zoobe ;)