Zoobe Cam and Zoobe Cam Eve v1.7 are here!

The new versions of Zoobe Cam and Zoobe Cam Eve for iPhone released today (v1.7) come with new features you asked us many times and a couple of nice fixes.

New features

  • The new version is optimised for iPhone 5, so you can enjoy our apps in full size ;)
  • Now you can choose your preferred voice pitch level: high, low, or totally off so you send your video with your original voice. Depending on the mood and on the message, the effects get even more personalised.

  • For starting users, an intro screen in the app will show the explanation video to make the first experience much smoother. 
  • Uploading and sharing your video on Youtube gets much easier with the single-sign-on action. So once you set Youtube as a channel you want to share your video messages on, you don't have to enter your credentials again.

Fixed Bugs

  • Your audio files will be saved if you put the app in the background, meaning you can still keep doing your Zoobe message even if you interrupt the process for a while.
  • In case you haven't configured your E-mail account on your iPhone yet, you will get an error warning when you try to send your Zoobe video message using the E-mail option. To solve this issue, you need to simply add an E-mail address in your iOS Mail App that comes by default in your iDevice.
  • We noticed that our push notifications kept showing in the app counter even after opening them. Really annoying, we know! Sorry for this bug, it is fixed now.
  • The outfit offer has been updated to the max, so if a character or outfit is not available anymore, it will not show up in your carrousel. We are currently working on making this part of the experience in the app even better and you are going to love it. Promised.
  • We show you the videos in preview quality so you can check the result of your message faster. But we send and deliver it in high quality: so now we indicate the Preview mode and improved the look of it.
  • The carrousel has been improved so the experience is more reliable and smooth.

Hope you like the 1.7 version! If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please leave us a comment below. Your opinions are priceless to us: we need them to keep delivering an amazing experience to you all!