Angry Bear, Angry Bunny & Angry Cat join Zoobe!

We are in the middle of the week already and that is usually the time to get angry! Maybe your train was late this morning, the coach of your football team is doing a very lousy job, someone forgot to clean the dishes or your soulmate let you down... again! 

For all those cases and many more you have now the cutest Bear, Bunny and Cat to come to your rescue. If you need to take it off your chest but still avoid to hurt someone's feelings, the 3 of them allow you to say it the nice way. Tell the ones you love what is annoying you and get a smile back with Zoobe.

Find the 3 characters and the new angry mood in the Zoobe Cam app: create a video in seconds and send it right away with your mobile phone, all this for free!

Here some examples of how to say it with character:

- When you cannot find a decent park in New York City:

- When neither the train, the city football team nor the airport work in Berlin:

- The dishes and cups pile up in the kitchen one day after another:

- You speak Berlinerisch and nobody can understand you:

Vent, rant and still make everyone smile with Zoobe! If you can get angrier than us, please tell: post your video in the comments and we will send you a special gift ;)