Keinohrhase & Zweiohrküken join Zoobe!

Have you heard? The stars of "Keinohrhase und Zweiohrküken", the animation movie of this season in Germany, are joining Zoobe! In a story of friendship that will melt your hearts, the Rabbit without ears and the two-eared chick team up to achieve their dreams together. But apart from their adventures in the big screen, you can take them with you everywhere you go and have them deliver your sweetest messages for friends and family. 

Download or update the Zoobe Pets app now and see these 2 film stars in action: they are now exclusively on Zoobe and for free! No matter if you are happy, angry, sorry or you just want to wow someone with the cuteness of the most famous rabbit and chick. Just open the app, take a picture, choose your favourite star and send your video message with your voice in seconds. 

Want to see them in action? Check the trailer of the movie (in German) and the videos we created in the Zoobe office: