Zoobe and "Celeste and Jesse Forever" together for St. Valentine's Day!

As St. Valentine's Day approaches, Zoobe is proud to present you the brand new members of its family: Celeste und Jesse! The most charismatic couple of the year in the cinemas arrives to Germany just on time for the lover's day. And not only to the big screen, also ready to be downloaded in your iPhone!


"Celeste and Jesse Forever", also known in Germany as ,,Celeste und Jesse. Beziehungstatus: es is kompliziert" premieres on the 14th of February. Either if you watched the movie already or you are waiting for the German release, you can enjoy them now in 3D if you get the Zoobe Eve app in the App Store.

Now you can send your love and flirt messages with Celeste and Jesse charm, adding your favourite picture as a background and the Zoobe Flirt animation, to finally of course making your video message very personal with your voice. Enjoy with the different poses both characters display and surprise your significant other with something they have never seen before: you in their pockets telling them how much he or she means to you any moment of the day. And remember, all this for free ;)

Send your message now!