Kitty’s reasons to fall in love this September

If summer is the right season for fun, adventures and new experiences, then autumn is the perfect time to fall in love.

Our Kitty had an amazing summer and now she is ready to get in touch with her romantic side. She looks happier than ever and can’t wait for all the beautiful colors of autumn to appear. 

 The season just started and she has 3 months to experience first date, first kiss, and take advantage of the romantic landscapes.  She’s a girl and she likes fantasizing about her new love. Take a look here:

The moment she sees him and knows that he might be the one

When he asks what’s her name

When the first date is almost over and she says she’s cold just to be closer to him. It’s autumn after all, isn’t it?

She’s not a big fan of dancing but now she does it on every occasion

When it finally happens… her first kiss  

She starts preferring those cozy moments instead of going out


Enjoying that autumn rain. The one she used to hate so much.

She can’t think of a better time to visit the city of love

Wishful thinking

Did you ever find yourself in this kind of situations? Either way, don’t forget to send a Zoobe 3D message to the ones you love because it’s easier when Kitty delivers it, right?