Let Smurfette & the Romantic Pets surprise your Valentine!

This year surprise your Valentine with a true romantic message! You know what they say, money and expensive gifts won't buy you love - but we're sure a very special and personal message might ;)

So if your aim this St. Valentine's Day is to impress a special person, make sure your partner knows your love is as intense as the first day or rekindle a past fling, let Smurfette in love and the Romantic Pets help you out. While Smurfette can deliver the best first impression and having the subtle background express your feelings, the fun and cute Romantic Pets get into their foamies to say "I love you" loud and proud. What's gonna be?

Here we leave you some ideas of what Smurfette, Schnitzel and the Kitty can do for you for Valentine's Day:

Read until here? Then you definitely deserve a reward! Keep an eye on our Facebook Page: we'll be announcing really cool promotions in the Zoobe Shop from today until St. Valentine's Day ;)