Thanksgiving greeting messages

When we say Thanksgiving, we say family, food and being grateful. It’s the time of year when we are thankful for everything we have and we create new memories.

Even though Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada, several other places around the world observe similar celebrations. And even if people do not accept it as an official holiday, they still have adopted the ritual of thinking at the reasons they should be happy for.

You might know by now the story of the first Thanksgiving but did you ever think about the reason people celebrate this day with their friends and family? Well, it might be tradition or just the fact that we realize people around us are actually the main reason we are thankful for.  

Holidays, including Thanksgiving, are the moments when Zoobe app is most used by all of you because our Zoobe characters help you obtain the best of it: they help you create memories and keep them close to you, in your phone.

Moreover, this year we suggest you try something different: exchange those boring Thanksgiving greeting cards with more authentic and personalized ones. Take a photo and send a thankful message to the ones you care about. Either you got the chance to meet them for the traditional dinner or you missed them this year, be sure they will appreciate it. And for those who you want to make happy with a greeting message, we have a gift for you: this lovely Thanksgiving background. Just right-click on the picture, choose Save As and you’ll have it in your phone to place it the Zoobe message.

Now just choose the way you want to send the Zoobe message. Whether you choose SMS, mail or a messaging app, just be sure they use it so they’ll get your message instantly.

And if you really want to be thankful, make another video and share it on social networks, so everybody can see it. And if you will pretty soon count the things you are grateful for, we should say what we are grateful for. This is for you!