Zoobe at Dublin Web Summit 2013

End of October brought back to the Tech world the best reason for gathering. Dublin Web Summit was this year the place to be on 30th and 31st of October for everyone interested in Tech, Enterprise, Social, Mobile, Media, E-Commerce and Education. So Zoobe couldn’t miss the opportunity to attend this event and gain some more thoughts for all the Zoobe lovers. It was definitely a blast!

Tumblr, Amazon, Google Ventures, Bing and Facebook are just a few names of the 300+ companies that joined the summit as speakers. If we add the almost 10.000 attendees from 97 countries around the world, we could ask ourselves who was taking care of the technology back home. :D

Well, we were there among all the big brains and it felt so good to talk to people about the Zoobe benefits and show them how mobile messaging and funny avatars can improve our lives. Between tech and business talks and panels, we got the chance to speak with some journalists and slipped a few of our secrets.  

Silicon Republic wanted to know a few of Zoobe figures and we did tell. For them and for you. Check it out!

And also the Web Summit organisation they wanted to know more and more about Zoobe:

We interacted with GradQuiz too in their hunt to find the new and hot startups. We are at minute 6:38. :)

Oh, and last but not least, Zoobe founder, Lenard, revealed for Tech City Insider a few things about the surprise we’re preparing for you, guys. Shhh… don’t tell anyone else!

And Twitter didn’t remain silent. Here’s just a bit of it.

We are most definitely looking forward to Web Summit 2014 already!