Oktoberfest 2014: let’s get the party started

Oktoberfest, the party you’ve been waiting for all year is here. It’s the place to be every fall and this year we have prepared our sexy Eve Oktoberfest to be here and help you have a great time. Last year, Eve was your guide and shared some tips. This year, Eve has improved her skills: she’s got new moves and she’s ready to rock the party. 

Oktoberfest started on 20th of September and lasts until 5th of October; enough time for you to try all of the festival’s treats. And if this is the first time you attend this famous beer festival, you have to know a few things before heading there.

Do you remember when we told you that happiness is best when shared? It’s the same with having fun – especially at Oktoberfest. That’s why you have to grab your friends and enjoy the festival to the fullest. And here’s how Eve suggest to do it:


1.    Make it hot

Grab a lovely dirndl in pastel colors and join the party in style.  

Source: We heart it

2.    Spice it up

… with some themed accessories.  

Source: Century novelty

3.    Your phone needs attention too

Get a new phone case and make it blend in

 Source: zazzle

4.    Don’t forget those lovely nails that match your outfit

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5.    Oktoberfest apps

The number of Oktoberfest-related apps available this year got up to more than 20. Try myWiesn Secrets app - it’s the best way to discover Oktoberfest secrets and stories. Moreover, we have a surprise for you. Try it now!

6.    Money, money, money

You will definitely need it because this year the record was broken and for the first time the price of beer rises at 10 EUR and even more than that.

Source: The atlantic

7.    Appetite

It is about the beer but not only. When you get there, you have to try a Bratwurst with braised sauerkraut and German-style fried potatoes

Source: Scrumpdillyicious


So, all the items are checked? Then you have to share the “let’s get the party started” video on your Facebook and Twitter profiles and you’re ready to go.