The power of a thank you message

How many times did you say “thank you” today? Or how many times did anyone thank you today? Most probably you have no idea, but once you’ll realize the importance of these little words, you might want to pay more attention to details. Zoobe knows it is important and wants to help you say it more often, but most important, to express it to the ones that really count. A better world can start with you today. 

You can send your grateful messages via Zoobe and make ones you love  feel special. We have a designated character and a cute background with this message so you can use it anytime you need it: our cute Tyranni. Of course, you can send your thank you messages with any of our characters, because your words matter most to the ones around; either there are the romantic pets, Smurfette or Pinky the present.  

Do you need help from a friend or colleague? Maybe you should first thank him or her for the last time and raise your chances of being helped again. Most people are good and help the others whenever they can, but all of us want appreciation; we need to know people see what we’re doing for them. Think of the last time someone said thank you and how it made you feel. The gratitude effect is contagious so it probably made you do more good.

You can buy a gift too but sometimes it’s more complicated to do this. If you think they deserve something special but you can’t or don’t have the time to think and make a present, we have the perfect solution: a thank you Zoobe message. It’s special, it’s unique, it says thank you and if you choose the Tyranni thank you background, it’s also be funny. Check it out and you’ll see why. :D

Now take a look at the list below and see to whom you still have to thank today:

1. Your BFF for being there for you every time you needed

1. Zoobe thank you BFF.jpg

Source: Tumblr 

2. Your father who trusted you even when you didn’t

Source: Etsy

3. Your friends for all the beautiful memories

Source: Tumblr 

4. Your boyfriend or girlfriend for genuine loving you

Source: Tumblr 

5. Your mother for everything  

6. Your sister… biological or not

Source: Tumblr 

7. The one who made your day better just by being there

Source: Tumblr 


8. The cashier who gives you the food every single day and smiles to you even if he had a bad day

Source: Tumblr  

9. The person(s) who said or did something that totally changed your life

Source: Tumblr 

10. The person who is always nice to you

10. Zoobe thank you smile.jpg

Source: Tumblr 


Your words will make them smile, feel appreciated and will make them want to help you more and be there for you. And who knows, they might take your example and thank to the ones around them. That can only lead to a better world, right? When you think it can all start with you sending a thank you message now... What are you waiting for?